ways Microsoft 365 is improving for Mac users.

 In this irregular year, many people have found a new sense of appreciation for our computers as critical tools for work done. At Microsoft, we are committed to delivering great Microsoft 365 encounters that help our clients work simpler and quicker on their favorite devices. With this in mind, we want to share a number of the newest Microsoft 365 creations which may make you even more productive on a Mac.

Universal app support for Macs with M1 is here

We are excited to announce that beginning today we are releasing new versions of lots of our Microsoft 365 for Mac programs that run natively on Macs using M1. The new Office 65 download  programs are Universal, so they are going to continue to operate great on Macs using Intel processors. The apps are not only quick, but they also look fantastic as they've been redesigned to match the new look of macOS Big Sur. Here's a glance at Outlook on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

In case you have automatic updates turned on, you will start to receive these upgrades now. You can go to the Mac App Store and click the Upgrades tab, or with Microsoft AutoUpdate, you can visit your Office program's Help menu and choose Check for Upgrades . Plus, find more commonly asked questions on our support page.

With more than 115M daily active users, Teams has become a crucial part of the way many people are browsing the current situation. Teams permits you to meet, chat, telephone, and collaborate all in one app. And, when people operate in Teams, all of them get the entire breadth and thickness of Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams is now available in Rosetta emulation mode on Macs using M1 along with the browser. We're working on universal app support for M1 Macs and will discuss more information as our work progresses. Download the Teams program for the Mac here now.

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Microsoft 365 encounters created for Mac

Over the past months, we have redesigned the adventures in our flagship apps for Mac having a focus on simplicity to increase ease of usage. The new Outlook to Mac looks good with a redesign which matches the new look of macOS Big Sur, and an upgraded Office Start encounter for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, along with OneNote for Mac that integrates the Fluent UI layout program. This means that Microsoft 365 programs enable you to become more focused with immersive experiences that are easier to use right from the very first screen. Experiences that feel unmistakably Microsoft 365 and include elements which are indigenous to the expression of macOS so they are also unmistakably made for Mac. The newest Office Start adventure will soon be available .

We continue to understand how clients want to use our products through continued feedback. So, thank you to each and every one of you who have shared your experiences with us. Now we are pleased to announce service for iCloud accounts from the brand new Outlook for Mac. This will enable you to arrange work and personal mails, contacts, and calendars together in one program so it is simpler for you to stay connected with what matters. We will start to roll this out with the new Outlook for Mac from the coming weeks.


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