How to Stop a Microsoft 365 Tenant by Removing Your Guest Account ?

Propelled from the success of Teams, guest accounts are becoming more popular across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The good comes in being in a position to share and collaborate through the Microsoft 365 group membership model and Azure B2B cooperation. The stark reality is that it's easy to collect a huge set of guest reports from various tenants (organizations) as time passes. For instance, Teams can be used by a number of conferences to provide online events, so I currently have guest accounts in five organizations utilized for only this purpose.

Because Teams makes users change focus to a different tenant to access tools there, guest accounts are somewhat more evident in Teams than any Office 365 download application. It can become distracting when you have a long list of tenants to select from when the time comes to switch. Should I only dip in that renter to learn what's going on there? Or which renter has that advice I'm looking from.

In contrast, guests accessibility SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business files and folders through URLs and sharing invitations that look just like those used for content saved in the tenant. And guests engaging in Outlook group conversations do so via email, just as if they would send messages to any other distribution list.

Tenant administrators have their own challenges to manage guest balances in the renter's Azure AD instance. Last JulyI wrote about the lack of prominence tenant administrators have about the other Microsoft 365 renters where folks have a guest account. And it can be tough to determine when guest accounts are past their best-by date and should be eliminated since they are unused (but here's 1 strategy ).

Eliminating Your Guest Account in the Tenant

The easy fact is that tenant administrators are busy people and have a tendency to leave guest accounts alone, even those which are not in active use. If you want to clean up the list of organizations you belong to, then you can do this as follows. The very first step would be to start the Organizations section on your My account page to view the set of Azure AD tenants where you have a guest account (Figure 1). Microsoft has done a great deal of work to improve the My accounts lately to add features like the ability to realize your account extra-curricular action (My sign-ins). Overall, the page is simpler to use and much more educational, which is a fantastic reason to test it out and also highlight the page's existence within your own organization.


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